Center Space 420 SE 6th Ave. Portland Or 97214

Pricing is different for each instructor, please read the full description of each class you are interested in taking.

Tai Chi – with Mark Wallart – Yang Style 108 Taijiquan Taiji (Tai Chi) is an Internal Style of Kung Fu. As an internal art, strength is cultivated in awareness and understanding of body structure and intention. Practice is centered on the Yang style of 108 (long) form with warm ups including joint opening, stretching and breathing (Chi Gung) exercises. Interested students may try classes at the beginning of each month.

Afro-Cuban Dance: - with Donna Oefinger - This class is similar to the Afro-Brazilian class in its exploration of Orisha Movements. Cuban Folkloric dance is intricately woven together with the music of interlocking drum rhythms. These unique movements will challenge the language of your body and its rhythmic skills. $14. Drop in or To see Donna's Most Recent series/pricing and schedule, go to
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Samba: - with Donna Oefinger - Come enjoy the celebratory carnival dance from both the regions of Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. Kick the weekend off by liberating the body to move in your own way that's both sophisticated and sensual. Guaranteed to give you a workout and a lighter day. $12. Drop or To see Donna's Most Recent series/pricing and schedule, go to
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HOUSE Dance - with DonnaMaiton - House Dance has its roots in many Latin, African, and American street styles of dance. It emphasizes fast and complex foot oriented steps combined with fluid movements in the torso. $12. Drop or check for monthly rates. To see Donna's Most Recent series schedule go to
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Zumba - Bruce Smith - Zumba is a fusion of Latin and international music-dance themes creating a dynamic and effective fitness system. It's a mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps. Zumba is fun, different, and easy!

Capoeira -with Mestre Pedro Cruz from Salvador-Brazil-
Brazilian Martial Art Form. Capoeira is an art form that was developed by African slaves around the 1600 years in Brazil. It stared as a dance in which became a combat and a tool of liberation for the black community in Brazil. Today Capoeira is a global phenomenon as a martial art form and a full body workout.
classes are $15 single, $75 2x a week

Exotic You - With Lisa Stark - Teaching authentic exotic dance moves designed for women of all ages and sizes. $12.00 drop in, $45 for 6 classes 503-753-3112 http:/

Body Home - a fat-centric dance class for fat folks who want to dance in a supportive community. People of all sizes are welcome. Dance styles taught at the weekly drop in class are primarily jazz and contemporary. Our focus will be on joyful movement, connecting with our bodies, honoring our unique abilities and challenges with self-compassion, and creative expression. This is a fat-positive space; We refrain from negative criticism of our bodies to keep this a welcoming space for all. Drop in $5-15 sliding scale. Email KT Kusmaul for more information at

Inner-body Yoga - with Todd Jackson - Trains the practitioner to balance the sensations of weight distribution, energetic movement and body texture to perform poses more safely and with greater results. Learn to cultivate the felt-sense in the body and harness it as a tool to discern for yourself what is healthy alignment. Most classes are full with a waiting list. Visit for availability.

Hip Hop With Mariecella - The best old school style hip hop class in town. $15, 4 visit class card $50, and 8 visit class card $95.